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Our Professional Building Survey and Valuation Services

Buying a house or a flat is a major investment, and as with all investments, you need to know exactly what you are buying before you sign on the line. A thorough, professional property survey gives you an independent inspection and assessment of the property as it stands, free from estate agent waffle and emotional pressure from the owner.


House Surveys: Knowledge is Power

A building survey by Tim Wilyman Chartered Surveyors will reveal if there are any problems with the structure of the property, highlight any repairs that may need to be made, and identify any risk associated with the building. Our written report, backed by our surveyors’ RICS qualified status, gives you the knowledge and information to decide if the property is right for you, negotiate a new price or ask for faults to be solved before contracts are drawn up.


We offer two main types of house surveys:



RICS Home Buyer Service     

A standard format survey, perfect for standard housing stock built after 1900 or so in reasonable condition.


Building Survey

Sometimes called a full structural survey, this is a detailed inspection of all aspects of the building, regardless of age or construction particularly suitable for older properties, those in a poor state of repair, or homes of unusual construction.



We offer a full Valuation service to establish a market value for your property for both buyers and sellers, and for probate, inheritance tax and other purposes.

TAKE CARE! Valuations and Surveys are not the same!

If you have a loan from a Bank or Building Society they may have a valuation carried out on your property. Although it often costs a lot of money, a valuation is NOT a survey and will not give you the information you need to make an informed decision. A valuation is purely for the benefit of the lenders, not you. If you ask us to carry out a survey, we can include a valuation, giving you an impartial view that is not slanted towards the lender’s requirements.


When dealing with property issues either as an owner or landlord, it's always best to have a professional on your side, so we offer a range of property inspection and reporting services including

  • looking at specific defects and giving you advice on how to resolve them,
  • party wall issues
  •  insurance reinstatement costings

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