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Book Your Building Survey with Tim Wilyman Chartered Surveyors

A Building Survey, previously known as a full structural survey, is a more detailed and in-depth examination of a property than a RICS Home Buyer Survey or simple valuation.


Anyone considering buying an old property or one in a state of disrepair should get a Building Survey done, to avoid unexpected and costly discoveries (and large repair bills) after purchase.


Do I Need a Full Building Survey?

Full building surveys are suitable for all kinds of home, but particularly useful for:

  • properties older than 100 years
  • larger properties run-down or neglected buildings
  • unusual buildings or those which have been altered
  • if you are planning major improvements or works

A Building Survey literally goes into more depth, where your building surveyor not only examines the structure he can see, but delves deeper to investigate both visible defects and hidden flaws. The Building Survey report you'll receive will outline the construction, probable history and current condition of your property, discuss any repair options required and the likely consequences if you do nothing, plus details of any serious risks and dangerous conditions within the property.


Surveys and Valuations

Please be aware of the difference between a building survey and a valuation commissioned by your bank, lender or mortgage company. A mortgage valuation is simply a check for the lender that the property is worth the money you are paying for it, and therefore the money they are lending is secure. It is designed to protect the lender, not you the purchaser!


Building Survey reports do not usually include a valuation, but we are happy to add this to your report for an additional fee.


Building Surveys: Not Just For Home Buyers

Commissioning a survey of your home before you sell can be very useful, since you have an independent report on the exact condition of your property, and are therefore forewarned and forewarned against any purchaser making unrealistic offers against real or imagined issues.


Equally, if you have an historic or larger property, a Building Survey can reveal the current condition of your home, and help you take remedial action now and avoid large repair and maintenance bills in the future.

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